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A review for Clear stickers by Anonymous

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the WORST customer service

The stickers were not the problem, it was the customer service I received. The stickers that I did receive were great, however I did not receive my whole order - stickers were missing. I ordered stickers to fulfill a custom order for a client of mine (I run a small business), and when I noticed that I did not receive all of the stickers I ordered I reached out to Stickermule to resolve the issue in a timely manner so that I could make it right for my client.

I received a quick response from Danielle saying that she would look into it. A day later she responded that she could not get a hold of the production team so she wasn't sure when she could get the stickers to me... Which I didn't feel was a great excuse, to not be able to reach your own production team? What?... I definitely did not feel like she was doing everything she could to help me.

I reached out for an update on the status and never got a response. I issued another email to possibly get some help from someone else and Ben responded. He too was ZERO help - he basically forwarded Danielle's response to me and after that I never heard back from him again... Both Danielle and Ben represented Stickermule poorly and has driven this customer to take her business elsewhere.

Oh top of that I paid for a rush to make sure I received my stickers in time, which turned out to be a waste of money. Still to this day I have not received a response and I have not received the remaining stickers that were missing from my order. I gave up on Stickermule and had a local business complete the order for me. It's a shame because though this was a very small order, I have been a very loyal customer with multiple orders. I love the quality of Stickermule, but honestly I have lost all confidence in customer service that I plan to take my business elsewhere.

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