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A review for Clear stickers by Rusty James.

CM Atom

Durable quality, not 100% clear

Rusty James

For the price I paid ($39) I'm okay with the stickers. They seem super durable. The quality of the vinyl used has a decent thickness. I was hoping that the clear part of the sticker would be a bit more "crystal" clear. When I stick these to a window the clear part has a slightly opaque appearance, even after using my fingernail to make sure it's pressed down as much as possible... eliminating air bubbles and such. (Yes, I made sure to clean the glass first.) I'm assuming this is due in part to the actual sheen of the sticker (which isn't completely "slick" shiny).

Also, the I ordered stickers with a white design and the white part has a slight translucency. I was hoping that it would cover more when placed over things such as a solid black surface.

Again, I don't hate them and I'm just giving my honest opinion. The quality of the stickers themselves is great. Only suggestions I would make is perhaps split the backing in half so that they're easier to peel off (the sticker goes completely to the edge of the backing and unless you have nails, it's difficult to peel off) and perhaps find a more opaque ink to use. I don't know the nature of the inks used, so that second suggestion may be a dumb one.

Thanks for running the $39 deal! I would be willing to by more (in short runs of 50) for the same price in the future.

PROS: Durable, high quality sticker! Fast service! Good price!

CONS: Sheen of sticker causes slight opaqueness in clear areas. White ink is slightly translucent. Backing is difficult to remove from sticker without nails.

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