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A review for Clear stickers by IGNITEmoto LLC.

New clear stickers


I had stickermule whip up some clear stickers of my company logo for my new business, IGNITEmoto. I've used stickermule a couple of times before, mostly at the request of a friend whom I plan motorcycle events with because of their appreciation for the quality of stickermule's products. I saw the promo deal for the new clear stickers, so I thought I'd give it a try.

As usual, the quality of the stickers is great. The vinyl is VERY thick; these things should last forever and won't crack or peel like cheap stickers. The printing is also very nice; very clear and shows the detail in my logo well.

I wasn't thrilled with the size of the stickers; they came out really small, but this was the only size available for the promo rate. My main problem with stickermule, even though their product is of fantastic quality, is the pricing. I run a small business and I don't have need for 100,000 stickers at a time in order to get a reasonable price. I use stickers for promotion and they will be handed out to perspective customers for free. Sure, promotion is intended to bring in sales, but it's much easier to notice how much money is going out than coming in when your stickers are so costly. Even with the promo pricing these tiny stickers cost my business 50 cents each. Again, the quality is great, but I can hardly justify the cost at .50/per, much less the full price cost of reorder in the future. I like these, but I won't reorder. I've ordered stickers from other popular online vendors which were of fine quality (albeit not as nice as these from stickermule) for promo purposes where I can get 2,000 stickers for the price of 100 from stickermule. To me, and for my purposes, that's a better value, and that's where my money will go in the future.

Sorry, stickermule.

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