Tiny and discolored Fund Igniter Clear Stickers by Sticker Mule

A review for Clear stickers by fund igniter.

Tiny and discolored Fund Igniter Clear Stickers by Sticker Mule

Colors inaccurate (Updated)

fund igniter

* Updated

I was quickly contacted by a Sticker Mule representative shortly after my review submission (see below). I was asked to take a photograph of the product I received and send it to Sticker Mule for review and analysis. Within 10 minutes Sticker Mule responded with a logical explanation and advised me that my order was resubmitted into the printing queue and that a new batch would be on the way. Best business practices are in full effect with Sticker Mule. Not only did they solicit a review from me but upon learning I had trouble with my product they promptly rectified the situation. Well done.


It's been hard to justify the cost for such a small and discolored clear sticker. The color palette does NOT include pink yet the sticker does. It was a png. file with a transparent background created in Photoshop, an industry standard. The light blue inside the flame (see sticker) is pink on the tangible product.

I would like to stay with Sticker Mule but have serious concerns going forward as to cost and accuracy of the product. As I scale up I hope to be ordering thousands of units of product but cannot afford to have an entire order not accurately reflect the branding.

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