SPS Clear Sticker

A review for Clear stickers by Dallas Buchanan.

SPS Clear Sticker

Good design, a few flaws...

Dallas Buchanan

Received my stickers last week. The design and the quality of the print on the stickers was great. There are just a few technical issues.
1. The adhesive on the sticker is less than impressive. I have already used a few stickers and they have not really stuck well to anything. Not sure if there are different quality of adhesive with different stickers, but these are not great.
2. The bigger problem with the stickers is that they are very hard to peel from the adhesive backing as there is no seam. The stickers are essentially cut from a single sheet of backing with no overlapping seam (like a Band-Aid for example), so you have to basically have a razor-sharp nail to be able to get in between the backing and the sticker from any edge, and many times during this process, you end up tearing the sticker.

I am overall pleased with the design of the sticker, but unless these technical aspects can be resolved, I will likely not re-order from StickerMule.

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