Clear stickers

A review for Clear stickers by Jonathan Lu.

Expectations for "Transparent" / Solid work and service.

Jonathan Lu

Sticker Mule's service is solid. Turnaround time is much faster than I had thought it would be (print jobs usually take a bit with proofing and queuing, so it's impressive and important to note that Sticker Mule can do the job so well and efficiently), so everything is great in that department.

The actual sticker itself, however, has some caveats (note that the sticker isn't bad, I'm just writing to help with expectations). I'm not sure if it's the material used to make the sticker durable or the adhesive used (or both), but like some of the other reviews, I did notice that the sticker is not as transparent as I had imagined. It is a thicker (likely more durable), matte, cloudy-transparent vinyl. Further, depending on what surface you apply the sticker to, you may also notice he adhesive pattern through the transparent parts of the sticker, which is kind of a speckling effect depending on the light angle.

The sticker is constructed well though, as the sharp edges in my design were cleanly printed and precise. I just wanted to review to point out these caveats with the transparent sticker for others trying to figure out what end results will be.

Note: in attached photo — the sticker is mostly transparent, with the only printing being the black design. Given the cloudy nature of the sticker, it almost appears as though the sticker has a whiter background than what's behind it because the cloudiness compounds with the existing surface color. If you look closely at the left half, you will notice the speckling adhesive pattern that you can see through the sticker when the light hits it correctly, that speckling in the image isn't an effect of the image compression or photo quality.

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