The David Story Promo Stickers

A review for Clear stickers by Rusty Hein.

The David Story Promo Stickers

Really High Quality!

Rusty Hein

I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these stickers. I shopped around A LOT, before I decided to use Sticker Mule. From what I could find, Sticker Mule had the most competitive prices for the best quality. I am not disappointed with my decision at all!

I do wish that the stickers had turned out a little brighter, but I think that could have been my fault. My collaborator on The David Story tells me that the images I send him are often very dark on his screen. I probably should have had him take a look at the file, before I sent it off.

Also, these clear stickers have a matte finish. I don't recall seeing an option for glossy, but I think glossy might've made the colors pop a bit more. As it is, the image looks flat. (When I've added a gloss medium to a finished acrylic painting, it seems to add some extra dimension, and the darks look much richer).

I'm a perfectionist, and can often try to find something wrong with even the most perfect things. These criticisms really aren't major, and I will definitely be using Sticker Mule again. (We will be producing The David Story sticker sheets for supporters of the project)

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