Stickers for small business.

A review for Clear stickers by Skylar Nagao.

Stickers for small business.

Clear stickers, not really clear, color is transparent, bubbling.

Skylar Nagao

Everything that could be wrong was.

Clear portions of sticker were very visible compared to other clear stickers.

Stickers had unusual amount of bubbling behind them when applied, no matter how smoothly or how smooth a surface.

The colored portion was transparent, so the color of whatever you stuck the sticker to would bleed through. We printed in white (the color most likely to bleed color), but it was a joke. A white sticker on a blue surface became just a lighter blue.

Sticker Mule said they were even aware of this issue, but neglected to mention that in the proof. The proof, being only a digital copy, of course looked perfect.

Sticker Mule did not offer us a refund, but did offer us equivalent store credit. We went with a non-clear sticker. These were better, but still underwhelming.

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