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A review for Clear stickers by micah herman.

Great Quality!

micah herman

After ordering the stickers, I saw that it wouldn't be in for about a week. That isn't a long. However, I received my stickers two days earlier. So, that was a plus! They were on time, even though, this is my first time purchasing here. I think it will always be on time or early when you buy stickers from here.

The only disappointment I had was in myself, I bought clear stickers, which are great quality, but the colors of my logo, plus the clear stickers, don't go well with dark surfaces. So, basically I can't place my stickers on dark surfaces.

Make sure you really think about all surfaces you can place your stickers on, and think whether it would show up, or if a part of your sticker is too dark for dark surfaces. Think about it well because I have to tell everyone that they can't place my stickers on dark surfaces because it won't show up..

But, the quality of the sticker is amazing. I live in Florida and it is raining season. I have my sticker on the back of my car and it as rained plenty. The sticker has not even peeled up a single bit. Even when you peel the sticker from its backing, you know it's high quality.

If I can give good advice to future customers, I would say, "if you have dark colors in your sticker, don't get clear backgrounds, go safe and get the white background. It'll be the difference between seeing the sticker perfectly, and seeing the sticker only up close.

Trust me!

This company will have my business for many years to come!

Great company!

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