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A review for Clear stickers by Rameen.

Very nice materials, good printing


The stickers themselves have a very nice tactile feeling. They are strong and are all one material, not paper backings. This stops them from curling up and coming off when you don't want them to. The edges have clean and uniform cuts. The backings are not easy to peel off. The clear portions are about as clear as I would expect from a material this thick. I was hoping the printed area would be a little more opaque to provide better contrast. When applied to a black surface, the white area becomes gray. There is also a slight white edge where the black printed area meets the clear parts. This provides a slight 3D effect with my stickers that I actually like, but it may not work out so well for other designs.
I would order from sticker mule again, but I will stick to their more seasoned products while the newer ones are perfected.

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Mark Baek

Hey Rameen, sorry to hear about issues with the opacity! It's not possible to print a perfectly opaque white with our clear stickers because the technology we're using to print the clear stickers is in it's early stages. At the moment, white is the most difficult color for us to print with perfect opacity on clear vinyl. If you email us at, we might be able to help you out!

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