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A review for Custom magnets by Isabella Kung.

Dapper Cat

GREAT customer service!

Isabella Kung

After my writing my original "okay" review (see below) last night, I woke up to a very pleasant email! Tim at Sticker Mule explained that it was an issue with their machine during cutting and offered to reprint my order for free. First of all, I apologize for blaming the person who prepared the file in my original review. More importantly, I have to applaud Sticker Mule for ensuring great customer satisfaction! It was completely unexpected and really quick response too. I will highly recommend them for stickers AND magnets from now on ;)

Original review:

I was really happy with the colors, the thickness and print details, and I am very thankful for the discount offer by sticker mule too. But I should have prepared my own file with lines indicating where to cut. I did that for my stickers in the past and I was always happy with the results.

This time, unfortunately, I've been so busy this summer I decided to take advantage of Sticker Mules service and ask them to prepare the file. It was obvious whoever worked on the file was just doing a rough trace of an outline and there were wayyyy too many anchor points. I had to send that file back twice pointing out where the trim line needs smoothing out and yet they still missed some.

As you can see in the picture (i uploaded it, not sure why it is not showing up), the left side near the bench area has a big cut. Also small cuts around the tail too... Sadly, every single magnet has the same mistakes, which means it is a problem with the digital file not being prepared probably.

I think if sticker mule is going to have this as part of the service, they need better quality control or training to make sure files are prepared correctly. Otherwise, I'm happy with print job and speed of delivery.

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