Grand Aire Die-Cuts (2x4)

A review for Custom magnets by Jerret Hammons.

Grand Aire Die-Cuts (2x4)

Grand Aire? More like Grand Slam!

Jerret Hammons

Heard about you through AppSumo. Didn't have a need at the time of the deal. Remembered you when we ran out of our generic lame ones from one of the largest promo item distributors in the US. We received these just in time for a trade show for Tier 1 auto-suppliers earlier this week. This was the first thing people gravitated toward, INCLUDING a large model plane at our booth. Received loads of compliments and feel this was a huge win. Pricing was possibly the best part. We now have a well-received promo item at a justifiable investment. Do your brand a favor and order these asap!

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