Bat Magnets 3x1.125

A review for Custom magnets by battycharms.

Bat Magnets 3x1.125

Soo cute & Tiny


I love how clear the images came out. I liked how Stickermule adjusts the price of the item to the height/width it is rather than just charging for the full 3x3 size. This magnet was 3x1.125 inches in size.

My friends thought they were adorable and wanted a few for themselves. Will definitely order some larger sized magnets in the future. Also was thinking about maybe a small number of car magnets for myself.

The only downside to these magnets is that they are so thin & if you use your finger nails to remove from a surface (like everyone does), the magnet peels very slightly. So I've had to warn my friends to drag it off of the surface instead of trying to pick it off with their nails. Also wish there was a thicker magnet option.

I will definitely be ordering a set in the future for each sticker design that I do though.

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