Custom Logo Magnets

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Custom Logo Magnets

They look nice, but do not live up to expectations.

The image printed on the magnet itself is very nice & clear. Exactly what I expected. However the thickness and strength of the magnet is very flimsy. The magnet is so thin it does not have much use other than decoration because it doesn't have the strength to hold anything up, and is very difficult to remove from the surface it is stuck too.

Too thin. I am glad I ordered a trial size order and not a full one. Very disappointed.

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Mark Baek

Thanks for the feedback, we definitely appreciate it. We've sent you an email reply--interested in further conversation with you about the magnets!

Noella LeDrew

In all the reviews I've read, thickness seems to be the main complaint, and the fact that the quality doesn't measure up if you're tyring to sell the magnets. I just bought 50 at a discount and will certainly see for myself, but it quality is as described, I won't be purchasing any more to 'give away', especially at over $2 each!

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