Save Our Date Magnets

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Save Our Date Magnets

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We ordered our "Save Our Date" magnets for our wedding. I designed them put it all together and sent the image over. Within minutes of sending the file, I received a response regarding some minor edits that needed to be made to the resolution. I made the edits and sent off the new file. Within minutes again received a response that our magnets were in production. The estimated arrival date was a couple of weeks away, which was just fine with me since we really didn't plan to send them out for another few months. Well, 2 or 3 days later I received a message that they were shipped and would be delivered the next day. I was floored by how quickly it all happened, especially since I think this was all over a weekend. When I picked up the magnets they were PERFECT. They looked so good that we could not wait to send them out and have already started distributing them. People love them and several people have asked where we got them. I happily shared the information. Quick, simple to work with, responsive, and high quality at a very reasonable price. That is exactly what makes me happy.

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