Charlie's 99th

A review for Custom magnets by Pam W. Cross.

Charlie's 99th

WOW! Perfect!

Pam W. Cross

I was absolutely thrilled with the magnets! They were everything I had hoped for. And the coaching I got from Stickermule helped me create just the look I wanted. My only regret is that I didn't order more. But they are for a celebration of my dad's 99th birthday and by that age you don't have many friends still living so the party will be small. Just an aside I live in Florida and my parents live in NC. I was flying up for his birthday and Hurricane Irma said no you aren't. I was so determined to have them there for him that I overnighted them from the first post office to open after the storm. I can't wait to hear how he loves them. I know he will.

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