Women of Change

A review for Custom magnets by Marcia Sisson.

Women of Change

Perfect for mailing

Marcia Sisson

I am headed to Africa this summer and wanted to send these adorable little magnets out with my picture and info letter. They are only 2"x2", so they're small. They're also thin - not like the magnet sheets you get in the 'print your own' kits. I like the thinness because it won't add extra weight to my mailings. I tested different weights of items to see how much it would hold. Definitely will hold a kid's school picture up to 8x10. Held 3 full sheets of printer paper, but failed holding 4.sheets. So it will easily hold a picture and letter which was what I'd intended it for. I love them. I'll order more - especially when they offer the wonderful discounts throughout the year.

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