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A review for Die cut roll labels by Justin Bellefontaine.

Artboard Artisan Labels

Excellent quality labels with ultra fast delivery

Justin Bellefontaine

Very impressed with the overall quality of the roll labels I received. While not the same stock as the typical SM stickers, they're still very durable and comparative overall. The finish isn't quite as matte as the usual stickers but instead has a tad more gloss to it. They seem to adhere strongly with no curling at the edges thus far. I will say that at close inspection, I did notice a very small "lip" along the edges which I assume to be a manufacturing side effect. Lastly, I was very impressed with the order processing and shipping times. Can't wait to order more!

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Mark Baek

Thanks for the review Justin! We're a bit curious about the lip you described, so we'll follow up with an email. :-)

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