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A review for Die cut roll labels by Anonymous

BMR Sauce Labels


Well, it was a long road to finally get to the approved proof but we finally got there. Part of it taking so long was because we had a couple of special requests (max roll size, label orientation for using on a label application machine) that had to be handled personally by the customer service people.

The order was printed quickly and were delivered ahead of the expected date. The print quality was fine but all the labels are oriented the wrong way for our machine. We were very specific that they needed to come off the roll LEFT SIDE FIRST. The customer service rep even said that they would have to put the order in at the right time so the proper print specialist would be on duty. Unfortunately, every label, all 8 rolls, are oriented RIGHT SIDE FIRST. FAIL!

We also had a dispute on the price we ended up paying because the invoiced amount did not match the advertised price on the site. The CS rep worked to "split the difference", which helped - and said they would look at correcting the web site. That has not happened yet.

Print quality *****
Die cut *****
Print accuracy *
Attention to special requests *
Value *
Customer service communication **
Overall **

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