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A review for Die cut stickers by Emily Parker.

Impulse Dance Studio

SO Perfect

Emily Parker

I ordered the die cut stickers to put on small 16oz cups as a form of advertisement for my dance studio. I was a little worried about how the quality was going to turn out since I had quite a bit of lettering on the top and bottom of my logo and I only had about 3" to work with on the small cups - when I received my stickers in the mail and pulled one out, I was completely overjoyed with the cut, quality and size of the sticker. The colors were pristine (teal, black and white), the size was exactly as I had hoped and the trimming around the edges the match the curves of my logo and lettering were flawless. We have ended up using these stickers as decals on all of our favorite belongings - I have one on my laptop, our dance girls started putting them on the backs of their phones, on all of our water cups in the studio, and even as prizes for the girls to receive for good behavior. Couldn't have hoped for a better turn out. Thank you Sticker Mule!!

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