My first ninety-four kick-ass stickers.

A review for Die cut stickers by digitalextremist //.

My first ninety-four kick-ass stickers.

Very impressed, extremely intrigued. Excited to design more!

digitalextremist //

Only 6 more stickers to buy before I've seen 100 kick-ass stickers from Sticker Mule!

I bought 50 die-cut stickers from GitHub, not realizing they were Sticker Mule made. It was one of each of the four 10-packs, and one pack of 10 regular stickers. I had mixed feelings when I bought them because I was on the one hand really happy to have them, with how historic GitHub is, and how much it means to Open Source... but so annoyed that my own brands would never look that awesome, because I wasn't going to invest as much as GitHub did to get such amazing brand artifacts. After I bought 5 Mint stickers and 5 jRuby stickers, I realized who was actually making them and as an artist and brand developer I started freaking out. The same level of quality was obvious, and I could have that myself... at such fair prices, with free shipping... And I could let my friends and collaborators in Open Source by their own "from me", without me involved at all! After looking at and using 60 stickers now, not only am I very impressed, I am extremely intrigued. How do they do this?! My logos can look as good as the Octocat, thanks to Sticker Mule? Whoa! WTF? Great material, easy to apply, durable, attractive, professional, alluring...

Printing business cards and other "business" type materials has become a very cost-effective and high-quality thing to do, directly interacting with the vendor... but those are so boring and obligatory. Stickers seem to be so much more powerful, but how do would I go from 0 to WOW without spending hundreds? I set my expectations really high once I started to feel this way, and Sticker Mule really came through on this.

For example, the Mint logo is amazingly boring from a color perspective. I worried the shade of green it uses would be dull and uninspiring, like smearing a booger across my Mac Book Pro, for decoration... but I feel like I need to support my community! So I'm making this huge commitment to that sticker taking up a huge chunk of real estate on my laptop. That'll be there for a really long time, it's like a step down from a tattoo. And in contrast to the deep red from the jRuby sticker, I thought it'd be this mess of imbalanced extremes... but somehow, the color depth from the Mint sticker rose to the level of intensity of the jRuby sticker. I actually came to like the Mint logo more, once I saw it as a Sticker Mule print.

It seems like designing with an eye for how it would look as a sticker is really tempting now, because as an artform, it has been made extremely easy to create and produce exactly what I envision, and much more. After purchasing 70 stickers from other creators, my next 31 were my own designs, with another 3 from others. I could not be happier.

Most of all, if all that isn't enough, the team behind Sticker Mule is amazing. On some days I've interacted with probably 5-10 people in rapid succession, and they are really good at what they do, but also very cool people. There is a great mix of personality, professionalism, brevity, and positivity. As much as I started to love the quality of the product itself, I came to really trust and admire the team behind it, and become confident in the overall process. I know without a doubt, they are there, they know what I'm talking about, they're all over it, and I can design and produce exactly what I have in mind or better -- with no hassle. Making a passionate customer is the key to success in business, and I am so far beyond passionate about this company.

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