Ace of [the District of Columbia] Diamond

A review for Die cut stickers by StillUpMySleeve.

Ace of [the District of Columbia] Diamond

Sticker Mule left the 'Wow Factor' Out of my Shipment


Having spent a good bit of time ideating and designing a logo for my brand, I was stoked to send it off to have a company so well-revered as Sticker Mule bring them to life. While they certainly did just that, I received sticker that seems rather flat or dull (there is a seemingly frosted clear glaze over the sticker), in comparison to vinyl or 3M decals with which I'm more familiar. Sure, the tones used in the design aren't a vivid blue or bold red, but they still don't sing the way the design does in other printed applications. I have one on my MacBook Pro, but I don't think I'll be including them in with deliverables to my clients.

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