My stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Heidi Binder-Matsuo.

My stickers

Super fast turn around time & great customer service

Heidi Binder-Matsuo

The most important metric here is that I would most certainly order from Sticker Mule again. If you don't have time to read more, that's all you need to know. If you have a couple minutes, read on to find out why. I originally went to Sticker Mule absolutely desperate from a bad experience with Sticker You. Actually two bad experiences back to back. Anyway, the fact is that my order with Sticker You didn't arrive on time, and I needed stickers pronto. I contacted a (friendly and helpful) Sticker Mule customer service agent who sped my order through faster than I could have imagined. I received my order (perfectly done) in less than one week from the time they were ordered to when they hit my door. Sticker Mule saved my timeline, and I am so grateful.

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