Die cut stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Claire Casaregola.

Stickers are great, but not the service

Claire Casaregola

I had to enter my credit card information 5 times in order to get my stickers. I called my bank, and there was no problem on their end. When I explained my situation to Sticker Mule, all they did was tell me to continue to enter my credit card info. I was really upset that they kept insisting the problem was through my bank (which it wasn't) and that their idea of fixing the problem was to keep entering my credit card info.

I was also upset that the first person who contacted me through Sticker Mule ended his message with a smiley face. I take these kind of things seriously, so to have a customer service rep reply to a credit card charge with a smiley face felt very unprofessional.

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Kalie Bishop (Sticker Mule)

Thank you for the feedback! We will reach out via email right away!

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