Die cut stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by june garcia.

Great sticker and customer service, but very expensive

june garcia

It took 3 times to get the kind of sticker I wanted, but that was definitely expected, since all collaboration were via internet comments. The staff was very attentive and responses were very quick, which made me feel as if I were being taken care of.

I only ordered 50 stickers, because I wanted to see what they would look like in person first and I was pleased, but being a start up company, the rates were pretty expensive, $1+ per 2.5-3in sticker.

Overall, I believe I paid 80% for service and 20% for product. The product did not blow my mind in quality, but the service was spectacular. Unfortunately at this time, I will have to go for a cheaper alternative, but with equal or greater product quality and maybe come back to this company when I have more money to blow.

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