Die cut stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Alexis Crowell.

Process was painful, but the stickers look good

Alexis Crowell

I originally ordered the stickers over a year ago and have just been placing re-orders since. However the quality control has gone down as the last time I ordered, the stickers did not look like the image uploaded. the tooling had removed all of the gradient and appeared depth. Customer service was really nice in helping deal with it, but we had to keep catching misses - e.g. the incorrect order was for 500 stickers, when SM offered to replace them, they only ordered 300 stickers. Once brought to their attention they fixed it and added an additional 200 stickers + 20 extra as a "we are sorry."

In the end, the stickers turned out great - i love the product when it comes the way we expect. this experience was just much more painful than it needed to be.

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