Wedding logo stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Michael Dwyer.

Wedding logo stickers

Solid stickers.

Michael Dwyer

Having had quite a few stickers printed over the years, I have a lot to compare these to. The material is solid, quality is fairly decent, and the ordering / proof process was amazingly simple.

The two issues that prevent this from being a 4 or 5 star review are, A) the lack of a split-back for easy peeling. These things are ridiculously hard to get off of their backing. And B) the color quality. The colors did not turn out as vibrant as I would have liked - they seem a bit dull when compared with previous printings using the same color pallet at other printers. I understand there can be a lot of variation between printing methods and equipment, but these seem to have a hazy appearance. I suppose this might have something to do with the protective coating.

I would use these guys again for a quick run, when I needed a simple, hassle free process, or if I needed something highly durable but not over the top expensive, but for top-of-the-line quality I think I'll stick to my local die-cut shop.

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