Die cut stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Daniel Martin.

Loved the sticker, hated the shipping process

Daniel Martin


I'm a bit disappointed that after forking $40 in shipping charges I had to pay another 25 EUR on arrival. My order costs:

Stickers: $54.00
Shipping: $38.00
More shipping: $32.20 (24.94 EUR)

Order Total: $124.20 [ 44% in goods, 64% in shipping - $70.20]

I know there is a customs charge (in this case 6 EUR (or $9), but because the shipping agent you used didn't take care of it, the shipping agent on this side charged me an extra 15 EUR for their trouble (totalling the 24 EUR above).

If somehow you managed to get the process a bit less painful I wouldn't feel this scammed right now :(

Anyway, great stickers.


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