Ordered 4 different designs and WOW

Emy Christodoulou

I'd heard stickermule was good, they're well priced, so I took the leap - my first ever stickers. MY GOODNESS!!! They're amazing, y'all. If you're on the fence, do it.

Ordered 50 each of 4 different designs, all in the 4" or 3" space.

- The quality was AMAZING!! I tested their waterproofness, and intentionally putting me wet iced coffee on them did nothing!
- Color is perfect, clarity is perfect, I'm obsessed.
- They only charged me for the actual size, not the rounded up square size (super nice of them, I expected to pay more!)
- There are often sales, which was a great thing because I accidentally ordered super late for a deadline and shipping was $$$ but the discount brought it back down to what I expected.

Like this? It's easy to order your own die cut stickers too 🙂