Skeleton Prayers

A review for Die cut stickers by Doomfruit.

Skeleton Prayers

Excellent service all around


I really appreciate this company. They are quick to help and they are certainly doing everything they can to create great products at a successful company. I will continue to order from Stickermule for the foreseeable future!

That said, I created my stickers using their template formate, yet it seems the agent that created the product is not familiar with the formula they prefer. My blue-hued "cut line" layer was flattened into the image and printed around my graphic, which also resulted in an unintentional size reduction and formatted it with a default margin. Again, I am still thrilled with the product, especially considering the costs which was literally $0 after all the store credit and sale discount. All is well as I should have caught in the proof. Still, I'm confused about why their suggested format that I followed was not followed by them? Hopefully this is a learning curve for whomever processed my order and I anticipate my next order will be filled correctly. Thank you Stickermule!

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