Modern Out

A review for Die cut stickers by Trevor.

Modern Out

Bad Printing


I have perfected my logo with every other printing service and it comes out great so I had no worries with Sticker Mule becuase they are a more well known company. Well the 'thin' part of my logo is barely visible on the stickers i received yet I have other printing services who print my logo even smaller its it's PERFECT. So I really don't know what went wrong here. It looks way better when they sent me the final proof on the computer but in person the actual stickers look lower quality. The "OUT" part looks like black bled on the white and it's not all the same shade of white in the word OUT. Love the thickness of the stickers though.

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Mark Baek

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Trevor. We're looking into this right away and we'll have an email response shortly.

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