A review for Die cut stickers by Mikki Weesenaar.


Great stickers however not always evenly cut

Mikki Weesenaar

KISS: I really like the stickers however, the cut-out isn't superb.

Design phase: I sent in an initial image, which was moulded to a design - since I wasn't perfectly happy with the design, I sent feedback back and within hours I had a new design which was exactly how I feedback'd.

Delivery was fast and great! Simple package, still loving the personal touch with the card and handwritten name!

Applying phase; I found out, that some stickers were cut slightly differently. E.g., there is a rather sharp-ish cut needed right above and below the logo itself. At some stickers, it seemed to be 'not cut wholly and pulled out', whilst others seemed to be cut too far.

Since I applied the sticker only a few days ago, I cannot tell just yet how the glue is. However, other Stickermule stickers are on there for months already now and I hope this will be the same for these stickers.

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