A review for Die cut stickers by alina kwa.


Great sticker and service

alina kwa

I would've given this 4-stars due to the inconvenience but the product is awesome and the service is amazing, so I can't fault them. There was a mix up with my sticker where the designer who was editing the cut line had made a small mark on the artwork, so when I received them, there was a hole on all of my stickers. Customer services was ultra quick in helping me out doing a reprint, I had asked them to double check the proof but was told it was a cutting error. Anyways, the second set of stickers came and same thing... a hole in every sticker... back to customer service, this time they did double check and did another reprint. The third set of stickers came out perfect, so I'm happy! The mix up took a couple weeks to figure out, so that kinda sucked, but everything else was great.

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