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A review for Die cut stickers by Ryan Imel.

Kind of bummed

Ryan Imel

Howdy Stickermule,

Just received the stickers. They're a great quality for sure, and I'll definitely be coming back to you. But it looks like the stickers were printed based on the first mockup (the one I rejected) and not the second one (the one I approved). The difference in the two graphics is the months listeed on the bottom half of the graphic. The one I approved didn't have those on it, but the ones I received has them.

The proof page, with links to the mockup I rejected and the one I approved:

Screenshot of the one I approved:

Photo of the stickers I received:

Is there anything we can do about this?

(I'm sending this in as a review and via the "contact us" link since I'm not really sure where it should go. Again, the stickers are awesome, they just aren't quite what I ordered.)


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