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A review for Die cut stickers by Anonymous

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Die cut stickers

The die cut stickers that I ordered are beautiful and so well made. I wasn't expecting them to be so well done! They are sturdy. I'm so very pleased. The service was also amazing and Sticker Mule is SO fast! I gave it 4 stars because there's just a tiny criticism I have. The sticker is a bit hard to peel off of the paper backing. I have to try to find a place where I can dig my fingernail under it so it's not a really quick process. I have to fiddle with it.

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John Howard

I have the same issue with mine. I just try hard to take my time and not mess the sticker uplease. I'm hoping that means that the stickers will last a very long time.


Yes! Exactly. If only there was a little tab to pull off the sticker without bending it.

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