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A review for Die cut stickers by Antony Passemard.

Cloud IoT

Nice stickers

Antony Passemard

The stickers are fine, but two things went wrong:
1- Shipping was not as fast as expected even though I paid for fast shipping. Eventually I wasn't charged for the fast shipping which is good to see but I almost missed a deadline because they came late. It is important that fast shipping goes fast.. it's not so much matter of cost..
2- I used the Dye (spelling?) which showed a white border around the graphics, and I was surprised to received the sticker with no white border. What I sent didn't have a white border so I guess it could have been expected, but all the examples shown are shown with white borders (I think) and I assumed it would be there. That's a big disappointment as clearly the sticker doesn't stand out as much this way.

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