CheapGeek Podcast Stickers

A review for Die cut stickers by Omi of the CreepGeeks Podcast.

CheapGeek Podcast Stickers

Great Quality, May want to re-check packaging process!

Omi of the CreepGeeks Podcast

We're doing a test run of our podcast stickers with a couple of sites. I really appreciated how fast the turn around time was for our stickers! The quality is great, and I love how they have a finished, high-quality coating that isn't too shiny.

The stickers were shrinkwrapped into a small bundle. Unfortunately, during that process about three of them got "bent forwards" -1/3 of the edge was bent in causing them to be creased. Luckily, that didn't bother a friend that I was giving the sticker away to, but if I plan to sell these for my podcast, I'm a little concerned.

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