Signature stickers.

A review for Die cut stickers by Max Wolf.

Signature stickers.

Beautiful production...difficult to peel

Max Wolf

As usual, placing and receiving my Sticker Mule order went flawlessly, and the printing is beautiful.
The one difficulty I have is removing the backing from the die-cut sticker. Both the sticker and the backing have the same edge, and there is no crack-and-peel on the back. So I found it a bit hard to remove the backing.
To avoid this issue in the future, I might order the kiss cut stickers instead of the die cut stickers. But the nice thing about the die cut stickers is that potential customers clearly see that they have a special shape (die cut), whereas with kiss cut they would have to discern the line between the sticker and the border (otherwise they might think the stickers are rectangular). If only the back of die cut stickers could have crack and peel...
Anyway, great work Sticker Mule...happy with my order as always!

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