ModernDive Blue Hex

A review for Die cut stickers by rudeboybert.

ModernDive Blue Hex

ModernDive Blue Hex Stickers


I am a co-author of an online open-source textbook for learning data science and statistics called ModernDive available at We wanted to order hex stickers in the same vein as RStudio's:

Everything about the stickers are great and the ordering process was smooth/seamless. The one con was the blue background of our stickers didn't come out as saturated/"popping" as we expected based on the digital image. Having some option to control saturation levels would be nice, like when ordering color laser prints. That being said, I'm not sure if this is feasible based on the file we provided.

All told however, we still love the stickers, we're very satisfied customers, and we would order again from stickermule.

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The same thing happened to us! We figured we would just have to make the color palette a few shades more vibrant than the initial design in order to get the results we wanted.

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