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A review for Die cut stickers by Anonymous

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Greatly exceeded expectations.

I saw this ad on my Facebook feed, one of the million we see every day.
This one piqued my interest from childhood, when I would stick random
things on random things for fun.

I forgot the exact price but it was something in the realm of
free-or-pretty-damn-close-to-it. So it was pretty easy for me to give it a
shot. There wasn't any kind of a gimmick or subscription. It was a one-off
order and if I liked it - great, if I didn't - great.

I just happen to have a logo kicking around that I made for my kids'
YouTube channel. It was perfect for die-cut, it had a unique shape an
outline so it could stand alone on a t-shirt or business card Etc. Within
15 seconds I had uploaded the design I wanted

There was absolutely nothing else to it.

I approved with the click of a button, waited for a proof which was
perfect. I will credit myself for knowing what I'm doing, but still, I've
never checked out from a dollar store this easy let alone an online shop.

I took the free shipping, something like 3 to 10 business days. Yet I
received it in 2 days. Better yet - my children received it in two days.

Let's talk about the quality of these stickers. When you order stickers
this cheap you assume they're going to be paper. When you order 10, 2 will
rip so you'll get 8 stickers that will wash off when they get wet, that
won't stick to everything, that will wrinkle when you try to put them on.

None of this could be further from the truth. The stickers we received
were stacked on top of each other and looked like a Post-It note pad. In
the shape of the stickers. Perfect cut. When I peeled the sticker off, I
realized that they were vinyl or something similar. Rugged. Not going to

I put one on my bong, which gets wet all the time cuz I'm a clumsy
bastard. Absolutely no problem.

I couldn't be happier that I found this company, I'll be ordering from
them repeatedly, and I can't say enough good things. Take a chance with
their free or close to free options. You'll be very happy that you did.

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