A review for Die cut stickers by Aaron Makkar.


Sticker Mule Die Cut Stickers to Die For!

Aaron Makkar

When it comes to purchasing consumer products and services, I keep a keen eye and ear open to evaluate a company's level of customer service; the product comes second though the quality remains important. From start to finish Sticker Mule's customer service was impeccably exceptional. I'm over the moon with how courteous and helpful the Sticker Mule staff was during my shopping experience. Upon submitting the file I wanted to be transformed into a die cut sticker, I received a proof - with a detailed explanation of the customization process - within an hour. The proof perfectly matched my expectation of the final product. When I received my LifePod stickers in the mail I was, to say the least, elated. The quality of the sticker, as well as the super-sticky adhesive, is unparalleled. I've ordered stickers from other companies but they all pale in comparison to the Sticker Mule craftsmanship and attention to detail. The bright colors pop against the white background of the sticker and all of my friends' awe when viewing the sticker. It was cool to receive some love on my social media pages upon posting my poster and tagging the @stickermule accounts. I'm so impressed with Sticker Mule that I've decided to make them my exclusive go-to company for all adhesive based supplies. Thank you!

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