BKG Ent.'s

A review for Die cut stickers by BKG Ent..

BKG Ent.'s

They'll Do Their Job Well

BKG Ent.

The custom stickers could clearly not be beat for the low promo price of $1. A bit unfortunate to notice their regular price seems extensive and even with (minimal) overhead, that is actually still quite high.

The way these look: They are amazing. The colors are vibrant and they really do a good job in maintaining the shape of your logo/design.

Regular price: I would not spend $20 on these however. For what would amount to more than $1 per sticker, they are literally so small that it legitimately is not worth it and you would be better off buying contact paper and printing your own at that point.

For less work on your end it makes it worth it, but being such a minuscule portion of ones business at one time, I would simply suggest against purchasing stickers online and find a local retailer.

The way they stick: They're stickers bro.

Quality: So they seem to lie flat of course but when running a hand across a surface, they feel smooth but you can feel the bumps which seem quite deep. On a laptop cover, they are smooth yet minorly obtrusive.

What I mean by that, is if you continuously rub the edge of these stickers, the edge will start to buckle and you will have little tears or rips begin to kind of ruin the side of the sticker.
That may one day ruin the sticker as it may get wrenched up and pull more of the sticker off.

So just be careful where you place these stickers so that repetitive actions will not harm the edges.

The quality is good but with the price so inflated, I would not agree that it is a good way to spend money unless you had a promo code such as the $1 for 15 deal.

Purchasing 3 stickers for $28 is in no way worth it.