Graphoniac Hat Sticker

A review for Die cut stickers by Graphoniac.

Graphoniac Hat Sticker

Got to remember that 2" is max at any point


I had the proof in 18 minutes, and the estimated delivery date within a few hours, delivered 1 day early. The sticker is high quality: good printing, good cutting, nice thickness. I do wish the back were scored, or somehow made for easier removal, but that's diecut for you, I guess.

The only slight disappointment was a mental approach on my end, I knew I had a 2" sticker, and in my mind, that meant it was 2" tall, a little wider. It's 2" wide. Exactly the size on screen. I just wasn't paying attention, not their fault.

I'm very pleased with the whole experience (and I love how responsive their Twitter team is)! Will be ordering more

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