Earth Sticker

A review for Die cut stickers by iCore24.

Earth Sticker

Came out kind of dark and blurry with BAD reflection :/ -EDIT-


I had a high quality image that was a resolution of 900x900 and was professionally photoshopped to look bright with clear colors, But when I compared the sticker to my picture, it looked darker so you couldn't see that much?

The other problem is when there is light in a room it looks much worse! The reflection is the worst part! That might actually be the problem. The sticker absorbs light in a room making it look bad. But when I seen purchased stickers from a different site it does not have this problem.

It seems the reason my sticker isn't glossy is because I got the sticker, not the skin. They have really great customer service and gave me my credit for my order!

You can truly trust this company!

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