Bleep the Bat for @grawlixcomix

A review for Die cut stickers by Ben Gremillion.

Bleep the Bat for @grawlixcomix

Quality work, through and through

Ben Gremillion

The company for which I work sends out stickers to fans, customers and clients regularly. Chatting with folks is part of my job, and I’m always eager to send them a sticker pack. We use Sticker Mule, and I wasn’t disappointed when I used Mule to help promote a personal project. The upload & order process is easy to follow. Mule did a good job creating a die cut around my illustration with no special instructions. And the stickers themselves? Durable. Hi-res. Eye-catching. Fantastic.

A few notes:
- I wish I’d used more contrast in my illustration’s shading, but glad I didn’t use too much. Judging shades is hard.
- Peeling the stickers from their backing can be difficult.
- I stuck small labels with my project’s URL to my stickers’ backs, and started using them as business cards (sorry, Moo, there’s only so much budget).
- More people have asked “where did you get those stickers?” than “what’s the sticker for?” I’m not sure if that’s a good point or not, but it’s true.

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