JCHB - Jefferson County Home Brewers Club

A review for Die cut stickers by timmy treon.

JCHB - Jefferson County Home Brewers Club

JCHB Jefferson County Home Brewers, Festus, Missouri

timmy treon

The vision I had for for our first decal, required a die-cut format.
As a Home Brew club, I knew we had to obtain a "Kick Ass" decal. Because I felt we couldn't just put our image on any material, I began my search for a weather resistant, long lasting material. Searching for a die-cut source, I needed to have enough confidence in the provider, to ensure the project would turnout the way I had originally envisioned. Reading reviews and watching the YOUTUBE video, I felt that StickerMule.com would be our best bet!

I was right!, So far the response has been overwhelming. The decals are a success. I'll be ordering more, soon enough. Thank You, StickerMule.com!

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