Super fancy-Promotional Review


I feel like this frame is too fancy for my tweet, but that’s what makes me treasure it more—Since it’s stupidly over the top. xD

It showcases the first time when I found Raymond in Animal Crossing. Truly a destined meeting. I sometimes can’t tell if my framed tweet is suppose to be a joke or a meaningful art piece, since it was dated April 1st. But I guess that’s what makes it more interesting.

My mother has tried to convince me to put a different picture in it, but I still haven’t given in yet. I feel like it might be a matter of time...but for now, I’ll keep admiring the blessing that I’ve been given.

I feel like the picture could be blown up a bit more, since you’d have to go up close to really look at what the tweet says (but that might lose the quality? I’m not too sure) Still love the frame though! The gold makes it feel like it belongs in a museum.

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