Stickers for College Bound Students

A review for Kiss cut stickers by TRIO Stickers.

Stickers for College Bound Students

Kiss Cut Stickers

TRIO Stickers

I am always happy with the quality of the Sticker Mule products and this order was no exception. This was my first time ordering the Kiss Cut Stickers and the only suggestion I have for improvement is when displaying the dimensions of the sticker when reviewing the proof it is confusing what the dimensions are for (actual peel away sticker or the entire printed item). My stickers ended up being a good bit larger than I'd expected because the dimensions on the proof were for just the sticker part and not the bordering artwork. Perhaps the website can list both dimensions (Full Sticker & Peel Away Portion). All this said, now I know for future orders and will adjust my artwork accordingly. I love Sticker Mule and am excited to try even more of their items -beyond stickers and skins- in the future.

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