electric.kitchen band stickers

A review for Kiss cut stickers by Mark Lentczner.

electric.kitchen band stickers

Awesome band stickers

Mark Lentczner

These came out amazingly well and were an instant hit with the band and fans.

StickerMule folks were astonishingly quick to give me a digital proof, and happy and quick to do two revisions with me over the next two hours - and that was at 11pm at night!

The StickerMule material is great for stickers that will be on gear because they are thicker than most and have a protective coating that stands up to abuse: In the picture below, the two round stickers are not from StickerMule, and you can see how they've worn away under use. The owl sticker *is* StickerMule, and it has been on there just as long, and still looks great.

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Mark Lentczner

hmmm... I attached a photo for upload with the review... where did it go?!?!!!

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