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A review for Kiss cut stickers by Traffic Management Inc.

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Mistakes Happen

Traffic Management Inc

Yes. StickerMule screwed up, twice. We first ordered these stickers non kiss-cut and they came out terrible. They reprinted them for us and the second batch came out the same. The small corner-radii are too small and it causes their high-speed cutter to make wavy lines. Anyway, after the second batch came out bad, they suggested kiss-cut. So, I resubmitted the order for the same sticker but this time kiss-cut. They came out absolutely perfect.

Here's the thing. Mistakes happen. I never expect a company to be perfect, or never make mistakes. I expect them to deal with eventual problems promptly and effectively.

StickerMule is great at that. The first two orders they credited my account, without question, (I didn't even have to ask about it, it just happened) they reprinted promptly, until it came out right.

Any company who puts customer service as their highest priority is highly valuable to me, even if they do screw up sometimes. I will definitely come back for all my sticker needs.

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